Ethics and Work

In carrying out our corporate mission, every action or behaviour we take is inspired by the values of ethics, fairness and responsibility, principles that have always been the solid foundations of our reality. For all of us, reputation and credibility are precious assets that we wish to protect through fair and transparent conduct at all organisational levels and in our relations with our partners.

One of our priorities is respect for our land, to which we are deeply attached. In carrying out our activities, we are committed to safeguarding the surrounding environment by seeking a balance between economic initiatives and essential environmental requirements, in consideration of the rights of future generations. The quality of the fabrics and materials used for our creations also goes hand in hand with the tailoring methods that respect the true soul of Made in Italy.

Rosi Collection was born from the passion of a family and just like a family lives the work day after day. Protecting the safety, health and moral and physical integrity of all those who are around our orbit is a task of primary importance for all of us. Precisely for this reason we promote responsible behavior and adopt all safety measures available to us to ensure a safe and healthy work environment. Our goal is to maintain a collaborative, non-hostile work environment in which everyone feels respected, rewarded and... even a bit like at home.